Happy Planner Review


Happy Planners are popular with people who like the disc planners. I had considered them when I first decided to get a paper planner.

I took a trip to Michael’s and looked at all the options and got overwhelmed. It also seemed like it would be expensive for me to get all the sections I thought I wanted at the time.

I was recently at Michael’s and they had the eighteen-month Happy Planners on sale for a deeply discounted price. I took the opportunity and bought one so I could write a review for you.

Happy Planner has a variety of options. The planner I reviewed was the 18-month Classic size with a vertical layout.

This Happy Planner review will include all of the many options available.


  • Dated
    • 12-month
    • 18-month
    • Start dates either January or July
  • Undated
    • 12-month


There are five different Happy Planner size options available.

The Big Happy Planner is largest at 10.125″ X 11.5″

The Classic Happy Planner is 7.75″ X 9.75″

The Classic Skinny Happy Planner is 4.125″ X 9.25″

The Mini Happy Planner is the smallest version at 4.625″ X 7″

The Skinny Mini Happy Planner is 9″ X 3″ X 0.58″

This version was completely sold out on the Happy Planner site when I wrote this in March 2021.

The Skinny Mini is available on Amazon.


The Happy Planner is a disc-bound planner. Their discs have cute little hearts cut out of the middle of the disc.


The Happy Planner cover is a flexible plastic laminated cover.

There is a large variety of covers to choose from.

Disney lovers will be thrilled to know that there are several Disney cover options.


There are many, many cover options. They have pictures, patterns, and quotes.

The only cover option they don’t have is a plain solid cover.


Happy Planners do not have any cover personalization options.

However, you could always DIY your personalization with stickers, decals, and washi tape.


Vertical Layout

  • 2-page spread for each week
  • 3 blocks for each day.
  • Area for notes on the left side of the page.

There is a horizontal layout.

  • 2-page spread
  • Each day has a lined section.
  • Dot grid area for notes at the bottom of the right page.

Happy Planner also has a dashboard layout.

  • Each week has a 2-page spread
  • One page has a block for each day and a block that has one line for each day.
  • The other page has blocks for different areas of your life you might want to keep organized.
    • Errands
    • To buy
    • Calls/Emails
    • Bills to pay
    • This week’s focus


These photos are from the Classic Happy Planner with a vertical layout.

There is a “This Happy Planner Belongs To” page. There is one line. I would recommend putting some contact information if you take your planner with you when you leave your house.

The next two pages are the months and years the planner encompasses.

The next pages are vertical layouts of each month with a line for each day. Each month is a different color to highlight Saturday and Sunday.

There is a divider with a plastic-coated tab for each month.

Each month has a page to write down thought and goals for the month.

  • Focus for the month
  • Important dates
  • Reading
  • Watching
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Loving
  • Feeling
  • Listening
  • Celebrating

Each month has a different cover. The covers reflect the theme of the planner.

There is a 2-page spread of the month with a space for notes on the side.

There is a 2-page spread for each week with a space on the side for notes.

The last page of the planner is lined for any notes you might want to take.

Add-on Options

Because the Happy Planner is disc-bound you can add to it with a variety of add-on packs available. They are called extension packs.

  • Classic Filler Paper – 40 Sheets
    • One side is dot grid
    • The other side is described as a weekly journal
  • Budget Extension Pack
    • Expense trackers
    • Month-at-a-glance budget worksheets
    • Bill pay checklists
    • Budget reviews
  • Homeschool Extension Pack
    • Colorblock planner pages
      • Assignments
      • Weekly focus list
      • Activities log
      • Action steps
      • Project tracker
    • Monthly calendar pages
      • Track deadlines
      • To-do’s
      • Themes
    • Track 3 students
      • Attendance logs
      • Reading lists
      • Grade trackers
    • Lesson plan pages with checklist boxes for important dates and deadlines
    • A page to track monthly goals, field trips, prep lists, and gathering learning resources 
    • Upcoming projects page a the end of the month to keep everything seriously organized
  • Hourly Goals Extension Pack
    • 4 months
    • Undated
    • Hourly sections for appointments and block scheduling
    • Prompts for goals and priorities
    • 4 dividers
    • 2 sticker sheets


These are prices current on their website as of March 2021. Prices are subject to change.

The Happy Planner website has discounts on dated planners at certain times of the year.

Amazon has some planners that are sold out on the Happy Planner website. They prefer that prices are not published in reviews because they can change.

  • Classic Happy Planners
    • 12-month – $27.99
    • Disney 12-month – $32.99
    • 18-month – $32.99
  • Big Happy Planners
    • 12-month – $32.99
    • Disney 12-month – $36.99
    • 18-month – $39.99
  • Mini Happy Planners
    • 12-month – $21.99
    • Disney 12-month – $25.99


What is Great About the Happy Planner

The Happy Planner has a vast selection of design options. It is a good basic planner that you can add to with extension packs. All the design elements make it a fun planner to use.

The pages are a nice thickness.

The planner feels sturdy. I trust that it would hold up over the 12-18 months that one would use it.

The heart in the middle of the discs is a cute detail that most other disc-bound planners do not have.

Disney lovers will love the Disney-themed options.

These planners are available at a variety of stores and sites. If you are near a Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s and wanted to go get one today you could.

Cons of the Happy Planner

If you want the ability to have a fully customized planner like the Purple Trail Planner the Happy Planner may not meet your needs.

Although it comes in at a reasonable price point adding the extension packs will significantly increase the price.

The Disney-themed planners are currently only available in a 12-month planner.

If you want a plain solid cover there is no option for that at this time.


Since I had considered purchasing one I was glad to finally do a Happy Planner review. You know the whole FOMO thing.

I think the Happy Planner has fun, visually appealing options. It is not the cheapest planner out there, but it is a nice planner that many will find not only functional but fun to use.

It’s a darn good planner. Even though I am perfectly happy with my Purple Trail Planner I am certain that I will find a use for my recently acquired Happy Planner.

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