I discovered Purple Trail when I was on the hunt for the perfect daily planner. I am a bit of a research nerd and I was overwhelmed with all the different planners there are to choose from.

I ultimately decided on a Purple Trail Daily Planner. I knew there had to be other people out there looking for a planner who might be interested in what Purple Trail has to offer.

I wanted to write the most thorough Purple Trail Planner review on the internet. I think I succeeded.

A planner like this is an investment. You want to get as much information about a planner as you can so that you can choose wisely.

First I will tell you all the different versions of the planner there are and then I will tell you what I think of my Purple Trail Daily Planner.

Purple Trail has a lot of different types of planners. This review is going to focus solely on the Daily Planner.


The many different options Purple Trail offers made my head spin. They take planner customization to the next level. Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming.

But the upside is that you are able to create a planner that meets your individual needs. You can also add your personal touch with the customization options.

It took me several attempts before I finally created my planner. But it was time well spent in the end. The planner I ended up with is truly mine.

Purple Trail Daily Planner Size Options

Purple Trail Daily Planners are available in three sizes.

4.5″ X 6.5″ – They call this size their Tiny Planners. The Tiny Planners are the perfect size if you want to carry your planner in your purse.

6″ X 8″

8.5″ X 11″

I keep my planner on my desk so I didn’t need something I could carry around. I primarily use it for my blogging businesses but I also use it for life in general. I use it for meal planning and to keep track of housecleaning.

I wanted the room to write a lot of different things so I chose the larger size.

Purple Trail Binding Options

Coil – Aluminum coil binding


The Tiny Planners are only available with the coil binding.

I like my planners to lay flat so a coil or spiral binding was on my must-have list.

Purple Trail Cover Options

Purple Trail offers three cover material options.

Hard Cover – this is like a hardback book cover.

Glossy, flexible laminate – This is what I chose. I have had my planner for less than three months and keep it on my desk. I have found that this cover type gets scratches on it easily.

Flexible synthetic – there are 2 layers to this option. There is a clear matte cover and then the design cover under that. On the Purple Trail site, they call the matte cover a Frost Sheet.

The Tiny Planners only come with the Flexible Synthetic cover.

The cover that I chose was available in five different color options.

Purple Trail Cover Design Options

There are 472 cover options available. I think I looked at every single one. I was getting a 15-month planner so I wanted a cover that I would enjoy looking at day after day.

There are sayings and quotes. There are solid colors, geometric designs, abstract designs, stripes, animal print, and floral. There are even framed sections ready for you to add photos.

Some covers have the option of a linen or leatherette texture.

Not every cover design is available in both binding options.

You can personalize your cover with your name, the year, or any other words that will make it uniquely yours. This is especially valuable if you have more than one planner.

The Tiny Planners have 92 cover options, including a design-your-own option.

Cover Personalization Options

You can personalize the front and back. With select planners, you can also personalize the inside of the front and back cover.

On the hardcover versions with a sewn binding, you can also personalize the spine. If you have multiple planners and store them upright this will help you identify which planner is which.

What it says

Font type

Font size

Font color

Color behind font

Border color and thickness around strip of color behind font

Alignment of font

Where on the cover you want the font placed

You can add photos or a logo or shapes.


When you open up your Purple Trail Daily Planner the first page says, “THIS PLANNER BELONGS TO” with a space for your name. Below that it has a space for contact information. If you carry your planner around with you this is essential if you lose your planner.

You can choose if you want your inside pages to be neutral gray or colorful. The colorful option uses 12 different colors and shades. Each month has the same color throughout.

The next page is a list of holidays. If you choose a planner that encompasses more than one year it includes all of the years that your planner will span.

You decide which month and year that your planner starts. You also get to choose how long your planner is.

  • 6 months
  • 9 months
  • 12 months
  • 15 months
  • 18 months

If you aren’t quite sure what you want in your planner I would suggest getting a 6-month planner. That way you are not committed to your initial choices for an extended period of time.

The next pages have all of the months of the year (or years).

My planner is a 15-months version and encompasses two years. On the back of the second year is a lined page.

There is a page for each month with a tab divider that is coated in plastic. If you choose the colorful option each month is a different color. That page has a dotted grid which provides another place to take notes or write goals.

The first page of the month has a place for birthdays and events and “Things To Remember.” I don’t need a place for things to remember so I use that section to do a brain dump for the month.

When you turn the page the month you get a full spread of the month with a section for notes.

The notes section is where I put my goals for the month. I had some customized stickers made and use those to keep track of how I am doing meeting those goals.

There are a variety of layout options.


There are two types of people in this world, people who like a horizontal planner layout and people who prefer a vertical planner layout. I’m a horizontal planner layout person.

Purple Trail has layout variations galore.

Horizontal – a 2-page spread for the week

Vertical – a 2-page spread for the week with Monday through Friday getting a full-length column and Saturday and Sunday getting a half-length column.

1 Page/day – vertical

2 Pages/day – vertical

Hourly – vertical

15- minute – vertical

3-section (Morning, afternoon and evening

Quad – each day gets a quarter page in a vertical format.

If none of these options meets your needs you can customize your planner:

  • Choose your page color
  • Choose. a variety of design options. There are too many to list here.
  • You can use what they design or you can customize it further with another long list of options.
    • Starting month
    • Format for year and month
    • Which day to start the week
    • Date format
    • Have the day and date be text or text on a colored block
    • Choice of font, font color, and size
    • Decorate your pages with artwork or shapes
    • Add personalized headings – I am a blogger and YouTuber so I included those categories under my weekly goals. I also added Education under my weekly goals. Although I use my planner primarily for my blogging business I also have a section for a weekly Meal Plan.

I am a land-locked lover of the beach so I added some beachy artwork to my pages.

If all of these options are making your head spin don’t worry. You don’t have to customize everything. It’s really up to you how much or how little you customize your Purple Trail Planner.


You can add additional pages to your planner. This was one of the things that really sold me on the Purple Trail Daily Planner. It allowed me to add what I wanted without having pages I knew I wouldn’t use.

Most of the additional pages can be distributed throughout the planner or be placed in their own separate sections at the back of the planner. If you choose the distributed option there is one 2-sided page of the chosen page added to each month.

Some of the additional pages are only available as a separate section. In coil-bound planners, if you choose the additional pages to be in their own section it comes with a divider tab with the name of the section.

  • Lined notepaper
    • The lines are college rule.
  • To-do list
  • Password log
  • Checklist
  • Graph paper
  • Dotted grid
  • Fitness tracker – I got this
  • Nutrition tracker
  • Travel itinerary
  • Shopping list
  • Habit tracker
  • Party planner
  • Bill tracker
  • Important dates
  • Address book
  • Baby tracker and keepsake
  • Account tracker
  • Appointment tracker
  • Baby log
  • My classroom – teacher and classroom info and logs
  • Student checklist (this looks like an attendance sheet)
  • 2 different packs of puzzles and games (why didn’t I get this! Probably because I don’t need anything to distract me while I am working. I do that easily enough on my own.)
  • Lesson plan
  • Seating chart – this is pages of the dotted grid with a Notes section at the bottom
  • Reading Log
  • Field trips – for planning field trips
  • Unit plan
  • Student resources – for students
  • Direct sales party

You also have the option of adding on a pocket folder. I didn’t choose this add-on this time around. I will next time because I like to use stickers in my planner and it would be nice to have a convenient place to keep them.

I added on the To-do List and Fitness Log to my Purple Trail Daily Planner. I chose the distributed option.

The Fitness Log has different information on each side of the page.


The Tiny Planners start at $24.95.

6″ X 8″ coil planners start at $41.95 and if you choose a sewn binding prices start at $59.95.

8.5″ X 11″ coil planners start at $51.95 with sewn binding planners starting at $69.95.

Add-ons are extra. Mine were $3.95 each and it looks like that is the price for most of the add-ons.

It was $5 extra for me to customize my inside pages. That was well worth it.

They have discounts so be sure to check for that. If you spend $49 shipping is free.

They offer quantity discounts as well.

They have a loyalty program that provides discounts as well. These are called PurpleCoins and are available for one year after you earn them. They cannot be combined with other discount codes.


What is Great About the Purple Trail Daily Planner

I’ve been using my Purple Trail for three months now. I really like it. I love how I was able to add pages on that were what I needed. I love the colors. I appreciate that there are many places to jot down notes. It is definitely helping me be more organized.

I’m impressed with the quality of the Purple Trail Daily Planner. The paper thickness is nice. The coil binding is thick and sturdy.

I ordered my planner on September 3rd. I received it on September 12th.

It was exceptionally well packed when I received it.

I like that the planners are made in the USA.

Cons of the Purple Trail Daily Planner

I loved being able to customize my planner. It was also overwhelming. It took some time to get the hang of how to customize everything. There are probably things I didn’t discover.

I don’t like that the laminated cover scratches so easily.

While the starting price point is competitive it would be easy to spend a lot with the different add-ons.

You are limited to four add-ons. I can envision this being frustrating for someone who wants more than four of the many available add-ons. It’s almost like a tease – we have all these awesome pages you can add-on, but no more than four.

But I guess it would be impractical for there to be unlimited add-ons.


I do wish that I hadn’t started with a 15-month planner. I think I might have chosen some different add-ons after I used it for a bit. Next time I will definitely get the folder for my stickers.

Overall I have been really happy with the Purple Trail Daily Planner. I expect to purchase one again when it is time.

Purple Trail has a variety of planners. Right after I purchased mine my daughter got engaged and I got her a Wedding Planner. Watch for that review.

Purple Trail has more than just planners. They have cards, invitations, stickers, gifts, stationery, and more.

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