Purple Trail Wedding Planner Review


My daughter got engaged last September. Of course she needed a planner to be organized about creating the wedding of her dreams.

I had just received my Purple Trail Planner. It came with a 20% discount on a future purchase. It was an easy decision about where she would get her wedding planner.

This Wedding Planner Book, Personalized Wedding Planner, Bridal Planner, Custom Wedding Planner” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Purple Trail Wedding Planner review will show and tell you everything you need to know about it so you can decide if it is the wedding planner for you. It will be as if you held it in your hands and turned the pages.

Purple Trail Wedding Planner Cover


The Wedding Planner Book, Personalized Wedding Planner, Bridal Planner, Custom Wedding Planner” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Purple Trail Wedding Planner is available in 2 sizes.

6″ X 8″

8.5″ X 11″

My daughter chose the larger size.


Coil – Aluminum coil binding

Sewn – available only with hard cover


Purple Trail offers three cover material options.

Hard Cover – this is like a hardback book cover.

Glossy, flexible laminate 

Flexible synthetic – there are 2 layers to this option. There is a clear matte cover and then the design cover under that. On the Purple Trail site, they call the matte cover a Frost Sheet.

My daughter chose the hard cover option. The inside of the front and back cover is white.


There are over 170 different covers to choose from. Several of those have multiple color options.

Many of them have the option to put a photo on the cover.

If by chance none of the available covers appeal to you, you can also design your own cover.


You can personalize the text.

You can put the bride and groom’s name on it.

You can on put the wedding date.

Some covers allow you to have a photo.

Some of the planners with a sewn binding can have the binding personalized.


The inside pages can be colorful or gray.

You can choose up to 4 of the 30 available add-on options. These are not specific to wedding planning.

Each add-on is 24 pages and each add-on costs $3.95.

  • Notes paper
  • To-do lists
  • Password log
  • Checklist
  • Graph paper
  • Dotted grid paper
  • Fitness tracker
  • Nutrition tracker
  • Travel itinerary
  • Shopping list
  • Habit tracker
  • Party planner
  • Bill tracker
  • Important dates
  • Address book
  • Baby tracker and keepsake
  • Account tracker
  • Appointment tracker
  • Baby log
  • 11 Education trackers

You can add a pocket folder for $5.

Bookmarks are available and some coordinate with the planner cover.

There are many sticker sheets you can order for about $1.95 each. Some are wedding-specific. Others can be personalized.


The first page is where you put your names, wedding date, time, and location.

There is a section for every wedding planning detail you need to consider and keep track of. Each section has a divider tab.

  • Calendar
    • 1-page year at a glance provided for three years.
    • 24 months each with a 2-page spread.
    • You can choose the start month and year or have the months undated.
  • Budget
    • Budget guide – a handy breakdown of what percent of your budget should go to the different categories.
    • Budget expense record – esrtimate and actual
    • Payment tracker
    • 8 pages for notes
  • Checklist – a place to keep track of all the things you need to do at different times
    • 12 months or more before the wedding
    • 10-12 months
    • 6-9 months
    • 4-6 months
    • 2-3 months
    • 1 month
    • 2 weeks
    • 1 week
    • 1 day
    • Wedding day
    • After the wedding
  • Bridal party – name, contact, notes for each
    • Parents
    • Maid of honor
    • Bridesmaids – 14 entries
    • Best man
    • Groomsmen – 14 entries
    • Other participants
      • Flower girl
      • Ring bearer
      • 3 entries for anyone else
    • 4 pages of notes
  • Attire
    • Finding the perfect dress for the bride – 6 entries with rankings
      • Information on the final choice
    • Bridal accessories
    • Wedding hair appointment
    • Wedding makeup appointment
    • Bridemaids dress information
    • Bridemaids accessories
    • Perfect tuxedo – groom
    • Groomsmen
    • 4 pages of notes
  • Research
    • The venue – 8 entries
    • Vendors
      • Photographer and videographer – 6 entries
      • Entertainment and musician – 9 entries
      • Florist – 3 entries
      • Wedding cake – 4 entries
      • Catering – 4 entries
      • Rentals – 4 entries
      • Other – 4 entries
      • 2 pages of notes
  • Wedding day
    • Ceremony – 1 page
      • Venue
      • Payments
      • Officiant info
      • Items to bring to the ceremony site
    • Your personal wedding vows
    • Ceremony details
      • Ceremony date and time
      • Hourly before the ceremony
      • Hourly ceremony schedule
      • 1 page of notes
    • Wedding reception
      • Venue
      • Payments
      • Items to bring to the reception site
      • Your speech for the groom
    • Reception details
      • Reception date and time
      • Hourly reception schedule
      • Hourly entertainment schedule
    • 3 pages of notes
  • Vendors
    • Wedding ring/band
    • Note page
    • Wedding flowers
    • Wedding photography
    • Wedding videography
    • List of photos to have taken
    • Entertainment and music
    • Wedding transportation
    • Wedding rentals – 8 pages
  • Paper goods
    • List of possible printed items
    • Ideas and notes page
    • Checklist and prices
    • Guest list – 20 pages with 20 entries on each page
    • Reception seating chart – list and pages to sketch out tables
  • Rehearsal
    • Rehearsal and dinner
      • Locations
      • Date
      • Time
      • Contact
      • Address
      • Payments
      • Menu
    • Guest list
    • Checklist – what to bring
    • 6 pages of notes
  • Registry
    • Stores – 3 entries
    • Dining
    • Kitchen
    • Bedroom
    • Bathroom
    • Around the house
    • Gifts recieved
      • Item
      • Giver
      • Thank you
    • 3 pages of notes
  • Honeymoon
    • Travel agency info, destination, dates, flight info
    • Packing checklist
    • 4 pages of notes


6″ X 8″

Spiral Bound – $44.95

Sewn Binding – $62.95

8.5″ X 11″

Spiral Bound – $54.95

Sewn Binding – $72.95

Some personalizations may be extra.


This is a wedding planner for the bride who wants every detail included. It will make you think of things you didn’t even know you needed to consider.

It is beautiful and durable and will serve as a keepsake forever.

The pages are a nice thickness so that there will be no bleed-through from your pens.

It is nice the way they include note pages throughout the planner.

It should accommodate anyone planning a medium to large wedding. For a smaller wedding, it might feel like overkill.

My daughter chose a hardcover version and there was a bubble on the top of the front cover. I contacted Purple Trail and they offered to replace it if we sent it back to them. My daughter didn’t want to go to the trouble though.

Because you can personalize the cover it seemed a little redundant to have the front page with the same information. It would have been good to have contact information on this page in case it gets lost.


My daughter is very happy with her Wedding Planner Book, Personalized Wedding Planner, Bridal Planner, Custom Wedding Planner” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener sponsored nofollow”>Wedding Planner by Purple Trail. She loves how complete and thorough it is. She said she would definitely recommend it to any bride who wants a beautifully made planner that will cover every detail of the big day and more.

She has a blog all about micro weddings. If you are considering that type of event you should check it out, Plan A Micro Wedding.

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