PurpleTrail Teacher Planner Review


It’s time for kids and teachers to go back to school. Teachers need to be organized so it’s only logical that they will want to find the ideal teacher planner. That was my motivation to do a PurpleTrail Teacher Planner review.

PrupleTrail Teacher Planner

Teachers hold a special place in my heart. They are truly my heroes. My daughter is a first-grade teacher and she designed this planner and gave input from a teacher’s perspective.

Purple Trail provided me with this planner to review. You can rest assured that all of my opinions are my own and my daughter’s and are genuine. My goal is to help you find the perfect planner for you.

This is my third Purple Trail Planner review. They are quickly becoming my favorite planners.

If you are considering a Purple Trail Teacher Planner keep reading to find out all of the options and features so you can decide if it is right for you.


The Teacher Planner is one of three academic planners available from Purple trail.

They also have a Student Planner and a Homeschool Planner.

Purple Trail Teacher Planner Size Options

Purple Trail makes their Teacher Planner in two sizes.

6″ X 8″

8.5″ X 11″

The planner I reviewed was the larger size.

Binding Options

You have two binding options.

Coil – Aluminum coil binding

Sewn Hard Back

My daughter chose the coil binding. This binding type allows you to open your planner flat.

Purple Trail planner with coil binding open flat

Cover Material Options

Purple Trail has three cover material options.

The Flexible synthetic cover has 2 layers. There is a clear matte layer and then the design layer under that. On the Purple Trail site, they call the matte cover a Frost Sheet.

Hard Cover – this is like a hardback book cover. This option has a sewn binding.

Glossy, flexible laminate – This is what my daughter chose. My daily planner has this cover and I have found that the cover scratches somewhat easily.

Cover Design Options

Cover design options are one of the features that really make Purple Trail Planners shine. They had 275 different cover options. Many of the options are available in a variety of covers. You can also completely design your own cover.

Purple Trail is all about customization and there are many options you can add to the cover to personalize it and make it one of a kind.

  • Text for your name, your school’s name as well as dates or years
  • Photos
  • Artwork
  • Shapes

The cover options include stripes, florals, and geometric designs. There are many with inspirational or fun sayings.

Choosing a cover from Purple Trail can be one of the most fun or most overwhelming parts. I am one of those people who needs to look at every single option.

To make it a little easier to narrow down the choices you can put a descriptive word in the search box. Floral will show you all the covers that have a floral component, geometric will show those options, stripes, and so on.

Cover Personalization Options

Both the front and back of your planner can be personalized. Coil-bound planners can also be personalized on the inside of the front and back cover.

You can personalize the spine of hardcover planners. This makes it easy to identify planners if you have more than one.

The personalization options include:

  • What it says – while name and years are common you can add whatever you want.
  • Font size
  • Font type – there are serif, sans serif, block styles and scripts
  • Color of the font
  • Color behind the font
  • Border color and thickness around strip of color behind font
  • Where on the cover you want the font placed
  • Font alignment

All these customizations will really allow your personality to shine through.

Inside A Purple Trail Teacher Planner

All Purple Trail planners have a contact information page as the first page.

planner contact info page

The next page is holidays for the current year and the following year.

planner list of holidays

There is a two-page spread of the current and following year at a glance.

planner years at a glance 2021 2022

There is a college-ruled notes page before the beginning of each month.

September cover page in planner

The month page has a dot grid background on both sides of that page.

The coil-bound planners have sturdy mylar tabs for each month.

planner cover page September

The first page of each month has a place for 4 birthdays and 4 events. Below that is “Things To Remember” with 13 lines.

planner page for september 2021

The next two pages are the month at a glance with a space for notes on the side. The holidays are noted on the monthly calendars.

planner month. of september 2021 at a glance

My daughter chose a 5-day layout that is horizontal. You have the option of a 7-day vertical layout.

Purple Trail Teacher planner week spread

The top of the weekly horizontal layouts has boxes for 7 subjects. Each box has 7 lines.

The vertical layout has the 7 subject boxes on the left side.

You can personalize the subject boxes.

Other Purple Trail Planner Options

  • Start month
  • Planner length
    • 6 months (Subtract $6 from prices)
    • 9 months (Subtract $3 from prices)
    • 12 months
    • 15 months (Add $5 to prices)
    • 18 months (Add $10 to prices)
  • If you order a second 12-month planner at the same time you get a 25% discount. The second planner will start a year later.
  • Neutral gray or colorful
  • You can add up to four types of add-on pages (see the next section for specific options).
  • Add-on pagess can be distributed throughout the planner each month or have a seaprate section at the back of the planner with a mylar tab for each add-on category.
  • A dual-sided pocket folder which is placed at the back.
  • You can also order accessories:
    • Stickers, some of which can be personlized
    • Pens
    • Bookmarks
    • Custom notepads
teacher planner stickers


You can choose up to four add-on categories for coil-bound planners and 2 or 4 add-on categories for hardback planners.

  • Notes paper
  • To-do list
  • Password list
  • Check list
  • Graph paper
  • Dotted grid paper

Add-ons that are specific to education (each add-on is 24 pages unless noted otherwise):

  • My classroom – teacher and classroom information and logs
  • Student checklist
  • Puzzles and games – 2 different packs; 20 pages each
  • Lesson plans
  • Seating chart
  • Reading log
  • Field trips
  • Unit plan
  • Student resources
  • Direct sales party (to be honest, I’m not sure why this is under the education list)

Home and Family Add-ons

  • Bill tracker
  • Important dates
  • Address book
  • Baby tracker and keepsake
  • Account tracker
  • Appointment tracker
  • Baby log

Lifestyle Add-ons

  • Fitness tracker
  • Nutrition tracker
  • Travel itinerary
  • Shopping list
  • Habit tracker
  • Party planner

Purple Trail Teacher Planner Prices

6″ X 8″

Coil-bound – $44.95

Hardback – $62.95

8.5″ X 11″

Coil-bound – $54.95

Hardback – $72.95

Add-on pages are $3.95 each category

Purple Trail Teacher Planner Discounts

Every time I have gone to the Purple Trail site there has been an offer for 15% off everything you order. It does say that it’s available through the end of the month, but it seems like they renew this offer regularly.

They also offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more.

When I have received my different planners there is always a coupon code for 20% off my next order good for the next 30 days.

Coil-bound and Hardback Differences

Coil-bound planners have tabs for the months and add-on sections. Add-on pages can also be distributed throughout the months. Hardback planners do not have tabs.

There is an attached black ribbon bookmark in the hardback planners.

Purple Trail Planner Packaging and Presentation

Purple Trail makes sure your planner arrives in pristine condition. And there will be no doubt that your customized planner has arrived.

When you open your box everything inside is wrapped in brown paper.

They also wrap everything in bubble wrap.

When you remove the bubble wrap your planner is wrapped in plastic.

There’s one more thing to remove before you can open your planner. There is a paper ribbon.

It is a nice presentation and the excitement builds as you remove each layer. However, it does seem like the packaging is a bit excessive.

PurpleTrail Teacher Planner Review

What we loved about the planner:

  • The pages of the Purple Trail planners are a very nice thickness. There is no bleed through from the two types of gel pens I use. You can’t see any kind of raised impression on the other side of the pages when you write.
  • The colors are vibrant.
  • It is an exceptionally well made planner. This is extra important for teachers. The divider tabs are flexible but sturdy. I have had my planner for a year and the divider tabs look just as clean and new as they did the day I unwrapped it.
  • My daughter likes that there were not extra pages that she doesn’t use, like attendance records. It is nice that this is an add-on option if you do use it.
  • She also liked the variety of add-ons.
  • All the customizations allow you to make the planner of your dreams.

What I didn’t love about the planner:

  • All the customization options can be a bit overwhelming.
  • The packaging was excessive.
  • If you get more than a one-year planner they get a bit bulky and heavy. However, most teachers will probably choose a nine or 12-month version.
  • The cost of the planners is on the high side. I feel like they are worth the price, but for a teacher the price point may make the planner purchase feel like a bit of an extravagance. If you are a teacher you can always request one of these awesome planners for a special gift. And don’t forget about the discounts I mentioned.

I really love Purple Trail planners. After completing this PurpleTrail Teacher Planner review I am really excited about designing my planner for 2022.

If you want a beautiful, customizable planner that holds up well then you should definitely check out Purple Trail.

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