Tul Planner Review

Tul Planner Review

I had been using a digital planner when I decided that I wanted a paper planner. I wanted more than just a calendar or to-do list. I wanted a system where I could keep track of the different aspects of my blog, Breastfeeding Confidential.

I tried a couple of other planners before I found the Tul Custom Note-Taking Discbound Notebook. The Tul system was exactly what I was looking for at an affordable price point.

Having used this planner for two years made writing this Tul Planner review easy. My experience provided me with an excellent perspective about what works with the Tul and where it is lacking.

The Tul Planner uses a discbound binding system which allowed me to customize my Tul planner to suit my specific needs.

If you are not familiar with the discbound system, it uses discs to hold the planner together. They allow you to easily and neatly add and remove pages.

Features Of The Discbound System

discbound tul planner review
  • A discbound notebook will lay flat when open and closed.
  • The cover can be turned to the back and the book will lay flat.
  • Different sizes of discs allow for a thinner book if desired or a thick book with many sections.
  • You can easily add pages and remove them without tearing the pages.
  • You do not have to open and close binders.
  • Adding pages is as easy as placing them against the discs and pressing the sections between the discs.
  • I liked being able to add only a few months at a time and to be able to remove months of the planner that had passed. This helped keep the planner from getting too thick.
  • Tul has a special hole puncher so you can add any kind of paper you want. This is especially useful if you have printables that you want to include in your Tul Notebook.

Planner Options

You can customize your Tul Planner in several different ways.

You can also use the Tul Custom Note-Taking Discbound Notebook as a notebook without having a calendar section.

The flexibility of the Tul system makes it popular with bullet journalers.

Planner Size Options

Tul has two sizes.

Junior size – Cover dimensions: 8.74″ X 6.65″

The junior size uses 5.5″ X 8.5″ paper and has eight discs.

Letter size – Cover dimensions: 10.5″ X 11.5″

The letter size uses standard 8.5″ X 11″ papers and has eleven discs.

Binding Options

The only binding available for the Tul Planner is the discs. There are assorted colors and sizes.

Not all colors are available in all of the different sizes.

Some colors are limited edition and may affect availability.

I had the 1.5″ discs in black.

Tul Disc Colors

Tul Disc Sizes

Cover Options

Tul Leather Covers

The side bound version is available in a variety of materials and colors.

Tul Poly Covers

This is the more affordable option. There are colorful options to choose from.

Tul Wireless Charging Discbound Notebook Leather Cover

  • This is a very cool cover option. You can use your Tul to wirelessly charge your phone.
  • it is compatible with Qi-Certified phones
    • Apple iPhone 8 and later models
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 and up
    • Google Pixel 3 and up
    • G G6 Plus and up
  • Place your phone on top of your notebook to charge.
  • LED lights on front cover give you charging status.
  • Available in black and gray leather.

Tul Top-Bound Discbound Notebook

Inside The Planner

The inside of the Tul cover had a place for a pen on one side.

The other side of the cover had three pockets sewn in. One is the length of the cover. The other two are the length of the cover equally divided.

You choose what you want in your planner. It can be just a calendar or you can add different types of pages.

Planner Layout Options

Tul Planner pages have several options to choose from to fit almost anyone’s preferences.

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Dated
  • Undated
  • Academic

I have the horizontal format that is dated. Each month has the spread of the month with an area for notes on the right side. This is a convenient area to write down monthly goals.

Calendars and planner pages are available in seven different formats

January to December with a page per day with times 6am until 7 pm

January to December two pages per day

Weekly/Monthly January to December

This was what I used. I don’t have a lot of appointments and wanted a horizontal layout with lots of room to write done the things I wanted to get accomplished each day.

Weekly/Monthly Vertical Layout

Undated Daily Appointment

  • 1 day per page
  • Quarter-hourly appointments from 8:00 am to 7:45 pm with 2 half-hour slots at 7:00 and 7:30 am
  • Can be used by up to four people. This makes it an ideal planner for moms who are trying to keep track of everyone’s schedules.

Undated Weekly/Monthly Junior Size

July to June Academic Planner

  • 2 pages per week
  • 2 pages per month
  • Untimed blocks

Add-on Options

If you want more from your planner than just a calendar these

I had a couple of the Tul Plastic Rulers that serve as bookmarks. I used one to keep track of where I was in the calendar section. I used the other ruler to keep track of where I was working in the section of the planner where I kept notes for my blogging business.

Tul has a variety of accessories that can give your planner pizazz, personality, and functionality.

Planner Pricing

You can get started with a Tul planner for less than $15. However that will be a bare bones version.

Your ultimate cost will be determined by the size of your notebook, the material of the cover, and the inserts and add-ons you decide to purchase. It would not be difficult to spend close to $100 if you wanted all the bells and whistles that the add-ons have to offer.

Tul Planner Review

My Tul planner review is overall positive. While there were some cons to the system, there were many benefits of getting a Tul system to plan your work or life.

What Is Good About The Tul Discbound Planner

  • It is affordable if you are looking for a calendar planner that you can reuse year after year.
  • The covers are all very professional looking.
  • Being able to reuse the cover makes it an environmentally-friendly choice.
  • The pebbled leather cover that I purchased has held up well.
  • If you choose the undated version of the calendar you can start using the Tul system any time.
  • There are options are unlimited for the different ways you can use this notebook.
  • The Tul Hole Punch means you can incorporate custom printables into your system.

What About The Tul Discbound Planner Is Lacking

  • The leather covers are pretty basic with choices limited to material and color.
  • If you want a fun cover you have to choose the poly option, which may not be as durable as the leather.
  • The stickers made by Tul don’t stick well. Seriously, I ended up throwing them in the trash.
  • It can be hard to determine what size discs you should use. I would err on the side of larger is better.
  • You have to take the entire notebook apart if you decide to change disc sizes.

Final Thoughts On My Planner Review

The Tul planner served me well for the two years that I used it. I still use it for note-taking.

I have since switched to using a Purple Trail Daily Planner. The primary reason that I decided to switch was that I wanted a planner that was more fun and colorful.

I hope this Tul Planner review helps you make a decision if the Tul is the right planner for you.

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